Licence Licence

According to the Act 123/1998 Coll. all data on the Geoportal must be provided with a licence. This licence does not regulate the relationship between the data provider and the administrator of the geoportal but the data provider and user of the data.

Because we are aware that not every provider has created its own licence agreement  we have prepared a sample INSPIRE licences under Regulation No 268/2010 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the access to spatial data sets and services of the Member States by Community institutions and bodies under harmonized conditions.

Basic INSPIRE licence is for data that is provided freely and without charge. This licence is used in the form in which it is presented.

If you want to provide data but you cannot make them available for free use and free of charge, then use a Specific INSPIRE licence. This licence includes the basic items including alternative text for example in the use of data. Everyone can adapt this licence to the needs of their data.

INSPIRE licence INSPIRE licence

Základní INSPIRE licence pro e-shop geoportálu

Základní INSPIRE licence CZ


České překlady INSPIRE licencí k nařízení č. 268/2010

Základní INSPIRE licence (Basic INSPIRE licence)

Zvláštní INSPIRE licence (Specific INSPIRE licence)


Originály INSPIRE licencí k nařízení č. 268/2010

Basic INSPIRE licence

Specific INSPIRE licence

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