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A brief guide to the National Geoportal for data and services providers



Basic tools of geoportal are available for all users, no need to be registered. For other activities it is necessary to register. Registration allows you to store your map compositions, downloads data via e-shop, creat and store metadata on the metadata server and much more.


User verification

To provide data, metadata, information for monitoring, etc. is necessary to send verification. Verification of you have to be send, even if this activity will be carried out for you in your designated person, organization or company. If you are a person, organization or company authorized to carry out any activity for which authentication is required, you must also submit verification. Verification must be submited, even if this activity will perform for your an designated person, organization or company.If you are a person, organization or company authorized to perform any of the activities that require verification, only the organization for which you are doing this activity needs to be verified.



In the Metadata part are tools to search metadata, to create custom metadata under national or INSPIRE profile using the metadata editor. There is also the ability to import your metadata records and to validate metadata against the supported profiles.



If you have created your own services (catalog, view, etc.), you can register them at the geo-protal.  All services must be accompanied by metadata.



In case that you don't have your own services but want to provide your data, you will be able to add your data into the geo-portal and the administrator will create a service from your data. You can entrust the administrator of the Geo-portal to distribute your data.



Each provider of data and services from INSPIRE have to fill in information each year about their data sets and services. Therefore a tool was developed for this purpose. During the period from early January to the end of February data providers can use this monitoring tool to fill in the required information about their data and services for the previous calendar year.


For more information, see the Guide to the provider.

Help includes instructions on how to work with different parts of the geoportal.









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