European INSPIRE Metadata Editor

The European Metadata Editor is a tool for creating metadata in accordance with the INSPIRE Implementing Rules.


European INSPIRE Validator

The purpose of the European Validator is to help data providers, solution providers and national coordinators to check whether data sets, network services and metadata meet the requirements defined in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. The validator provides detailed test reports to help implementers understand how well their data, services, metadata or software solutions are doing (or where improvements may be needed).
The current version of the validator contains all tests for INSPIRE metadata (version1.3), download services based on WFS or Atom and data sets related to Annex I themes.


Geoportal Thematic Viewer

Geoportal Thematic Viewer is based on data provided by Member States under the INSPIRE directive.
The Priority datasets application displays the results of a thematic and spatial coverage filtering, which aims at identifying the priority datasets for eReporting defined in the framework of INSPIRE MIWP 2016.5 Action; additional information about the methodology applied is available here.
INSPIRE Data themes application aims at displaying datasets which metadata has been checked on INSPIRE Resource linkages aspects (data with relevant services).


INSPIRE Training Library

INSPIRE Training Library contains a number of training resources , both from the Commission and EEA and from research projects and other stakeholders. A selection of these courses have been made availabe on the Geospatial Knowledge Base (GKB) Training Platform,  jointly commissioned by EC INSPIRE team and the ELISE  project.  Access to this INSPIRE Training Library is free of charge, but registration is required.


INSPIRE in Practice

INSPIRE in Practice is helping stakeholders to share approaches to implementing and using INSPIRE. It is a collaborative platform that brings together different players involved in INSPIRE in a single place, facilitating the exchange of geospatial know-how and expertise that they have accumulated over time while dealing with INSPIRE and the various solutions that can be used in practice. More specifically, the platform is targeted at INSPIRE implementers, solution providers, and end-user application developers.
If you are one of these stakeholders, you can participate by sharing your experiences of implementing INSPIRE or by adding to the dedicated tools and apps catalogues with entries that contribute to both the production or use of INSPIRE.


INSPIRE Video Library

The INSPIRE Video Library is a resource that provides access to INSPIRE relevant videos and recordings. Here you can find, for example, recorded webinars and national implementation demonstrations.



Oficiální evropské stránky INSPIRE The official European INSPIRE site
INSPIRE Roadmap The INSPIRE Roadmap for directive implementation.
EU geoportál The European INSPIRE Geoportal allows the search of spatial data sets and services of all EU Member States under the INSPIRE Directive.
Thematic Clusters The INSPIRE Thematic Clusters Platform is a European Commission initiative with the objective of supporting INSPIRE implementation in the Member States. The platform is divided into nine thematic domains, according to the INSPIRE themes. It is a single entry point for INSPIRE implementers and users to share experiences, best practices, raise questions and resolve issues in their thematic domains.
INSPIRE Registry

The INSPIRE Registry provides a central access point to a wide range of centrally controlled INSPIRE registers. The content of these registers is based on the INSPIRE directive, implementing rules and technical guidelines.

Fing your scope The Find Your Scope application supports data providers with identification of the INSPIRE spatial data themes and spatial object types that are relevant to the dataset(s) they administer. This application is foreseen to be useful especially in situations when datasets fall under two or more INSPIRE data themes.
INSPIRE knihovna The INSPIRE Library contain the most recent versions of the INSPIRE Legislation, Technical Guidance and Framework documents.
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