Provider copyright Provider copyright

Copyright of the provider is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the map window.

There is an obligation to indicate the copyright of the displayed data and services based on § 3. 1 of the Decree No. 103/2010 Coll.:

"Every time you use spatial data and services, based on spatial data a mandatory marking is used for indicating the entity or another provider and should be located in a prominent position. The designation is the name or business name or name and surname in case of a physical entity. Copyright or data label do not have impact on their usability, especially micro-moves of data or watermark."

Proper display of the copyright in the map window is not possible without your help. Each displayed service needs to be adjusted on the provider's side namely "Attribution" in the service capabilities file.

Example of a published copyright:
  <Title>© CENIA, česká informační agentura životního prostředí</Title>
    <OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/>
    <LogoURL width="68" height="50">
      <OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/>

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